Book - DP Concept. Principles of Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning is a separate philosophy. Vessels with DP system can hold a position or follow a predefined track with high accuracy. In order to control such a system, a separate competence is required, which implies attending of specific training courses. This explains the high payroll of experienced DP operators.

But a DP system is reliable when all its components are reliable. Being a part of the DP system, the DP operator must know the system arrangement and monitor its correct functioning. Having extensive experience with the DP system and being an instructor of DP courses in the training center, I wrote the book "DP Concept”, which gives the concept of this comprehensive and very interesting topic. 


It took more than three years to complete writing of the book, DP Concept. I tried to focus on the basic concepts and principles, and talk about complex things in simple words. This book will be useful to everyone who is at the stage of training and obtaining DP competency (DP Induction and DP Simulator courses). And also, who wants to refresh knowledge of the theory of Dynamic Positioning. 

The book "DP Concept. Principles of Dynamic Positioning” is a 154-page hardcover print edition. To order, send a request to The price of the book is $25, plus the cost of delivery. 



  1. 1. DP concept
  2. 2. Starting point
  3. 3. DP classes
  4. 4. Components
      1. 4.1. Power
      2. 4.2. Thrusters
      3. 4.3. Controller
      4. 4.4. Sensors
      5. 4.5. Position reference system (PRS)
      6. 4.6. Human Machinery Interface (HMI)
      7. 4.7. Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO)
  5. 5. Vessel types
  6. 6. DP modes
  7. 7. Mathematical model
  8. 8. Controller theory
  9. 9. Position reference systems
      1. 9.1. GNSS
      2. 9.2. HPR
      3. 9.3. Faneam, CyScan, SpotTrack
      4. 9.4. RADius, RadaScan
      5. 9.5. SceneScan, RangeGuard
      6. 9.6. Taut Wire
      7. 9.7. Artemis
      8. 9.8. DARPS
  10. 10. Independent Joystick System
  11. 11. Consequence analysis
  12. 12. Capability plots
  13. 13. FMEA
  14. 14. Annual DP trials
  15. 15. DP Footprint Plot
  16. 16. ASOG
  17. 17. DP operations
  18. 18. Position Dropout test, Drift off test, Position control accuracy test
  19. 19. Comparison of Guidance – IMO MSC/Circ. 645 and IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1580

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